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Supporting independent life in the community

Adolphus Care was established in 2003 to provide person
centred support for individuals with learning disabilities
and complex mental health needs.

Our flexible approach allows Adolphus Care to deliver
outreach, domiciliary care and emergency or respite
support as required.

At Adolphus Care we believe that, with the right support, all individuals can discover new possibilities in their lives. We aim to develop each individual's control over their own
health and wellbeing through the provision of high-quality,
constantly evolving, interactions. We are passionate about
helping our clients to build good lives.

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Adolphus Care staff work hard to build a close support relationship with each person we support.

Pre-assessment ensures that each person we support is placed in an environment which is conducive to their personal growth and development.

Our staff are assigned based on the needs of the individual. A programme of support is co-produced and developed that will provide a pathway to wellbeing and resilience. Providing the necessary skills to a person we support to be independent and have the strength both physically and mentally to meet the challenges of life.

Potential people we support are discussed at a weekly management meeting to allow consideration from each discipline specialist within the Adolphus Care support team.

Support Group Session


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Want to find out more about our holistic approach to well-being and how we use it to implement effective change in our clients? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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